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Do you go through painful dialysis day after day? Or are you in need of a liver transplant with limited life expectancy? Either way, it's a serious matter that affects human life.
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Why we are disclosing this information?

Because we hope to provide true information to patients in need of kidney transplants all over the word.

We offer All-in-One Support

Flow Leading Up to Surgery


In the Philippines, we have seen that most of our beloved Filipinos suffer from the problems related to the End-stage renal problem and Issues related to kidney. To combat the problem of Chronic Kidney Disease and to save our brothers and sisters of Philippines, We at ANBIS International are dedicated towards our mission of making the Philippines free from any kind of kidney problems and Chronic kidney diseases, with having a huge team of working professionals, medical staffs & Doctors and a professional team of researchers and developers, who are working constantly on developing and discovering new alternates and ways of curing End-Stage Renal Disease/Chronic Kidney Disease. We believe with the help of new ways we will be able to help Filipinos by providing the most trusted kidney transplant in Philippines. We are now available and ready to serve. Contact Us right now to give us the opportunity to help with the services of Kidney transplant in Philippines.


                                              We Offer All-in-One Support


✅ I hope to provide true information to patients in need of kidney transplants all over the world.

✅ We also provide services of Kidney transplant in Philippines.

✅ In 2007, after WHO made an announcement in Istanbul, it is almost impossible to obtain information on oversea transplants around the world.

✅ However, as law differs from country to country, an overseas transplant itself is not illegal. In some countries only relatives can be donors, while friends or good Samaritans can be donors in others.

✅ But where is such a country? Everyone is dying to know such information.

✅ In now days and age everyone is connected through the Internet and some may say they can find information online. If so, please try it! You probably cannot find reliable information though these means! It is information requires more in-depth research.

✅ We are a medical support company for profits, so of course we charge for providing our support.

✅ In addition, 99.9% of the time there is a huge risk even if you have some information. Strangers, unfamiliar companies and organizations… It is almost impossible to avoid such a risk unexpected.

ad4✅ In fact, we have been deceived many times since we started business 15 years ago. That’s why we understand patients’ concern very well.

✅ If we consider whether or not there is any risk involved for those of us who provide support, we find similar risks. For instance, when you shop at a supermarket, you bring goods to the cashier and pay them with cash or by a credit card.

✅ However, long-distance transactions may involve various forms such as credit, deposit, and deferred payment.

✅ Even so, there is no country where they will provide surgeries without guaranteeing payments.

✅ Following our promise with patients, we pay for airfare, obtain accommodation, look for donors, and pay for medical exams. What about this risk?

✅ The saddest thing that has happened is when we lose contact midway. In our Japanese business culture, we rarely lose contact without knowing why. We will never lose contact more than a day at our company. You can communicate with us by phone, mail We have stopped hearing from not only providers in developing countries but also ones in advanced countries. Also, many patients have responded in similar manners. We hope they would tell us why they choose to cease communication with us.

✅ So how is it possible to engage in a reliable transactions regarding world-wide information, that is not available even online, and receive support while sitting at home?

✅ Our thought process is as follows. It would be best if we can provide a transplant to patients as inexpensive as possible, without going through a broker!

✅ You can manage on your own because English is understood everywhere as long as you have information on hospitals!

✅ But we can say that’s transplant is still impossible without our support!

✅ This is because transplants are a very sensitive issue anywhere else. Despite there are some countries that allow third-party donations, who would volunteer their organs out of good will? Let’s say you look for a donor on your own. But that won’ t do. You need to have a donor registered in that country with the whole family’s consent, accompanied by them, to obtain approval by the ethics committee. We alone can do this as we possess expert knowledge on this issue. We can assure you that we are the only one in the world.

✅ Also, because we provide the best kidney transplant in Philippines, and in rest of the world.

✅ We have come up with the best way to proceed while considering patients’ risks as well as our risks.

✅ First of all, patients speak different languages ​​​all over the world. As a native speaker of Japanese, I prefer to speak in my language instead of speaking about information concerning your life in a second language. Those, I would like to talk to you directly through the closest interpreter to your city (you can bring your interpreter if you like. The fee will be split in half after negotiation).The interpreter will accompany you and speak to me through Skype as our office based on Japan.

✅ If we can come to agree that we can trust each other, we will take the following steps.



                            Flow Leading up to Surgery


✅ Patients are asked to send basic medical data through the internet.

✅ Then we will forward the data to a transplant hospital, and ask the doctor in charge to consider if a transplant is possible.

✅  If the doctor approves a transplant, you will be asked to go to the hospital for medical exams as well as patient registration for the Department of Health.We will inform you preceding of required documents etc.Patients will pay for exam fees at the hospital in cash or by credit.

Then you will be asked to pay for our actual cost, including airfare from Japan, accommodation, and part of our support fee ($5,000).*These fees will be charged with your consent after you talk to the doctor following the medical exam.

ad2 We will then proceed to matching you with a donor.About donor matching, you will talk through an interpreter to confirm that you desire a transplant and have sufficient funds before you arrive in the country.We should conduct detailed tests on donors, but in order. to avoid our risk, we will have a few donor candidates tested for blood cell matching and basic exams (such as HIV, hepatitis and others).If you require other exams (such as HLA), you will be asked to pay in advance for those fees.

✅ As kidney transplant patients need dialysis, you will need inform us of your dialysis schedule for scheduling at the hospital. You will be charged approximately $150 for dialysis and asked to pay to the hospital each time.

✅ As liver transplant patients will be hospitalized upon arrival, we will get ready and wait for you.

✅ It takes 15-30 days to submit all documents to the Department of Health and obtain approval.

✅ Then you will have a surgery.

✅ The surgery requires approximately 4 hours. You will be transferred to ICU afterwards and moved to an individual room after the recovery room.

✅ Your hospitalization period depends on your recovery. It usually takes 1-2 weeks.

✅ You will be given immunosuppressant and a medical certificate upon being discharged and returning home.


 A kidney transplant in Philippines or in any country starting costs $150,000 (Excluding Medical Check, accommodation, Airfare & Transportation, and personal expense. Also, will need other treatments and medicines such as blood transfusion and complications. These costs will be charged separately.) Please contact us for the free estimate request and more information.

  Liver transplant starting costs from $300,000 (Excluding Medical Check, airfare and accommodation)

* Regarding the liver transplant, if you will stay ICU more than 1week ICU or will need other treatments and medicines such as blood transfusion and complications. These costs will be charged separately.

 We proceed with payments as we agree, but as it is not possible to travel with amount of cash, you will be asked to transfer they payment to our company upon agreement.

 Please make the final payment as you agree before the surgery.

 As it’s the same at hospitals all over the world, you cannot pay for a surgery afterwards.

 As testing fees for the patient as well as donors are included in the total, it will be cancelled in the remaining payment.

The procedures are as follows:

 If you have suggestions or opinions on how to proceed, please feel free to contact us at any time!

 How would you like to spend the rest of your life?

ad5  Do you want to continue painful dialysis three times a week?

 Do you put up with dialysis because there is no other way? Or because you don’t have enough money? Dialysis is said to be the worst treatment, as it cuts a person’s life in half

 Not being able to receive a liver transplant in modern medicine means death.

 No matter how much money you have, if you cannot find a way to obtain a new kidney, the worst fate awaits you.

 Or you want to enjoy food, sports and hobbies, and travel around the world with your family.

 It’s up to you to decide what kind of life you want.

Let’s overcome risks together and bring about a wonder life!

 We hope to seek the best way to provide a transplant by making improvements as needed and minimizing patient’s worries.

 We look forward to hearing from you.

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