Distance initiative to train million medical staff worldwide has been launched by UAE

Distance initiative to train million medical staff worldwide has been launched by UAE

Distance initiative to train million medical staff worldwide has been launched by UAE | Organ transplant services | Kidney transplant in Dubai
HH Sheikh Mohammed

UAE government and Authorities along with medical departments have launched a new initiative regarding health, that is to provide medical training from distance. UAE in this programme will be providing training to millions of trainees all around the world, mainly they will focus on teaching students more about medical field snd ambulance services, all in order to help and support global health & medical services sector.

 In this initiative, the UAE is offering its training around 14 different medical sectors, It will be online through digital platforms, as now the world has grown digitally along with the facility of internet and network connections. It makes the new initiative possible easily. The authorities know the fact that it is impossible to make this initiative successful without the help of anyone and without the support of any other medical service provider. Therefore, the authorities and government bodies have decided to do a partnership with 140 experts and 67 medical institutions and also other training sectors globally.

This will be considered as one of the largest initiative taken by any government and authority for teaching trainees and educating them virtually, because of this initiative now trainees and students will be able to get the quality of workmanship and treatment as they want.

To make this new initiative successful and supervision of Lieutenant General Sheikh saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He also said that UAE will always be there to support medical facilities and hospitals worldwide.

 Sheikh Mohammed tweeted that, “With the follow-up of my brother Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, the UAE launched a health initiative today to provide specialized training in the medical and ambulance field to a million people around the world from a distance … in partnership with 140 experts and 67 training and academic institutions around the world .. Part of the UAE’s international responsibility to support the global medical sector”.

As per our point of view, this is a very great initiative for the health sector of the world. ANBIS International medical support services will also take part in this initiative, our medical trainees and staffs will be trained through the virtual training sessions because we want our workers to be updated with new techniques of treatments and operations to make the work easy in very less time, we also want our workers to be ready and prepared for any kind of critical situation of cases of patients. Our main focus will be on training our employees about organ transplant, Liver transplant, and kidney transplant in Dubai. We fight against chronic kidney disease, and we always try our best to reduce risk and increase life from organ transplant surgery

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