Dubai becomes the World’s first airport to use K9 dogs to detect COVID-19

Dubai becomes the World’s first airport to use K9 dogs to detect COVID-19

We all are affected by COVID-19 very badly, COVID-19 infectious virus started spreading in 2019 in Wuhan province, China, which later on takes over the whole world in the year 2020, we have seen the whole world suffering from this pandemic, the whole world and industries of every sector were forced to shut their work down and we all were forced to live without any source of earning, we have victimized many problems which are the cause of our worries in this year, and now we are still just trying our best to overcome from the loss happed due to COVID-19.


Many steps to prevent the spread of infection were taken and also many practices were introduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19, those measure steps are maintaining social distancing, wearing a face mask, washing our hands with soap frequently, sanitizing the products which we bring from outside, avoid shaking hands and meeting with people.


We all are desperately waiting to receive vaccines very soon from the research labs, but till then we should have to find out a way to start the services in Dubai, We at ANBIS International has started our services of kidney transplant in Dubai, along with preventions and safety measures to ensure that no patient has to worry about their kidney operation or kidney surgery in this global pandemic.


As we are talking about starting off things in the industry, Dubai has started its airport services, but not as that were in normal days, now Dubai airport authorities have decided and came out with an idea to their staffs to use well-managed and specially trained police dogs to detect the COVID-19 virus in goods, luggage and in people, to make sure that the Dubai will stay safe.


For a long time, we have watched many speeches and read many articles, blogs, and stories on whether dogs have the quality to spot the virus by sniffing or not. We know that dogs have a powerful strength of sniffing things better than anyone, as it is believed and proven that dogs can identify many diseases and infection by sniffing such as T.B, Cancer, malaria, diabetes, and many more, and it is the belief of officials and many researchers that dogs can identify this coronavirus infection too.


Dubai’s (MOI) Ministry of Interior issued a statement in which they state, “Dogs are helpful in spotting persons with coronavirus infectious disease, and this statement is based on studies and researches, the data also says that dogs can give you results approx. 92 percent accurate. Data shows that dogs can identify and spot the infection very quickly, and so it is helpful in protecting industrial sites, dealing with crowded places, ensuring security in large places, such as airports, etc.”

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