Dubai records decrease in COVID-19 cases & Rise in recovery rate

Dubai records decrease in COVID-19 cases & Rise in recovery rate

Dubai’s COVID-19 Command and Control Center have said, Protective steps have been taken to fight against coronavirus and cooperative attempts has been done by the public sector and private actor as well, The community have helped Dubai attain a noticeable change in the progress in the battle against the spread of the coronavirus.

The Command and Control Center also said that in this COVID-19 crisis, the sustained enactment of precautions, preventions and following measure health safety & hygiene steps along with the pursuit attentiveness of the people of Dubai is really helpful and beneficial for Dubai to reduce the Dubai’s progress is carried out by the increase in the recovery rate and a decrease in the number of new COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Amer Ahmad Sharif, head of Dubai’s coronavirus command and control center, said that there were some hospitals and places in the city of Dubai which do not have any coronavirus case yet.The doctor also said that most number of private hospitals and government hospitality service centers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has continued its diagnostic and treatment services, also the differentiator is, their capacity of beds, ventilators and other medical equipment are not less and their capacity of treating patients is not under pressure yet due to coronavirus. .cases.He allocated the progress to a bold strategic plan to fight against the coronavirus pandemic outbreak and the coordination of all stakeholders in executing the plan. 

“Every workforce worked as a team and worked closely within a carefully shaped framework.” Sharif also said that daily meeting was held to have a look at the progress of COVID-19 in Dubai.

Dr. Amer Ahmad Sharif also said that the reports of the last three months show some decrease in cases of coronavirus in Dubai. Their numbers are favourable for Dubai, the number of infected people in the city has a massive decrease, while the recovery rates of the patients have increased.Every hospital in the city reports, the number of people in need of hospitalization and medical attention has decreased. 

All these become possible just because of the people, the citizens of Dubai has shown an act of kindness and beloved citizens by following every major step to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the citizens have truly maintained social distancing from everyone, wearing a protective and good quality face mask, sanitizing every good they bring from outside to their places, following Dubai’s guidelines and understanding the importance of preventing the coronavirus. Dr. Amer Ahmad Sharif said.

Government and ministries of Dubai are really thankful to the citizens for their enthusiasm, understanding and cooperation to follow the guidelines published by authorities, the efforts of citizens in preventing the COVID-19 infection will result in easing and smoothing the economic activities and will help shops and every business to open soon and to start operating and contributing in the countries Economy.

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