Essentials after a Kidney Transplant

Essentials after a Kidney Transplant

After a kidney transplant service in Philippines, it is essential to take care of your kidney and health. The doctor advised avoiding ‘high risks’ food such as undercooked or raw meat, poultry and fish. Try to avoid Unpasteurized milk, cheese or yoghurt and fruits and vegetables like Grapefruit, Sprouts. The diet and nutrition that anybody follows play a very crucial role in recovery. For fast recovery and to make sure that wounds get healed, it is essential to follow a proper diet. After successful treatment of Chronic Kidney disease, you should take a kidney-friendly diet. There are some foods, drinks and drugs that can hurt your kidney, and may put your health at risk. Statistics of Chronic Kidney disease shows that about 10 per cent of the population worldwide gets affected by this disease, and millions die each year. Doctors advise that people should start early treatment of Chronic Kidney disease. 

Importance of proper and healthy diet:

It plays a crucial part in the healing process and helps to reduce the risk of rejection and infection. Take the help of a dietician who will recommend you a complete proper diet plan according to your lifestyle and the health of your kidney. 


By following a proper diet plan, it will prevent you from excess weight gain.

It will help you to keep the blood sugar levels within the limit.

Blood cholesterol will be in controlled, and blood pressure will be normal.

Calcium will keep your bone stronger.

It will help you to prevent from Anaemia.


Guidelines to follow after surgery:

Diet plan can be short term or long term, depending upon your improvement. Following are some of the guidelines to follow:

Always stay hydrated:  People should drink plenty of water, let’s say 2 litres per day. You should stay well hydrated and try to avoid caffeine.

Proteins: You need to take foods that have proteins in it to ensure that you gain lost weight and muscle strength. Your dietician will suggest how much protein is necessary for your body.

Phosphorous: After the transplant, if there is a fall in blood phosphorous levels, your dietician may recommend you take food which is high in phosphorous like low-fat dairy products.

Potassium: To ensure that your muscle and heart are functioning properly, make sure you involve intake of food that has potassium.

Take low-salt food and a low-fat diet.

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