How can we cure coronavirus?

How can we cure coronavirus?

We all are aware of the fact that this Coronavirus pandemic is a dangerous and life-threatening issue for everyone in society. As part of it, we are also worried about this pandemic, we are unable to have fun out there, to roam around, to eat outside and to do a lot of fun, Just because of this dangerous pandemic we have sacrificed a lot of things from our lives.


Today, there are 22.6 million cases out of this there are 14.5 million recovered cases and 792 thousand deaths. This has affected all of us globally. We are looking at this virus from many months and we all are waiting for the time when this all will end. 

Well, there are only two options for this:

Option 1: As we are hearing, to cure this infection or to not to get infected & influenced by this we need to have strong immunity, so one solution to beat this coronavirus pandemic is to develop our immunity worldwide, and also to make our immunity strong that if we are getting infected unfortunately then we must recover soon. 


Option 2: Through vaccine; we all are desperately waiting to get the vaccine or any healing medicine from any country, researchers all over the world are doing research on finding the cure of this virus from day one, unfortunately, they have no solution till date. But now as we are looking forward to Russia & India, they have developed the vaccine, and Russia has done human trials as well. After launching the vaccine, Russia’s president, Mr. Putin has used the vaccine to treat his daughter. And India will start its human trails from 22 of August.


The conclusion is, we need to follow both of the methods, it is a must for us that we should develop our immunity and to be ready to beat this infection, also as responsible citizens of the Earth it is our duty to take safety measures & precautions. Why do we need to do this when we know we are gonna get the vaccine? It is because logically it is impossible to provide vaccines for every area and every country and part of the world. And also, scientifically every human’s DNA & Blood group is different, as the matter of fact every single human on the earth is somehow different or posses some difference from others, so we cannot expect that the same vaccine will work for every one of us. But building our immunity and health system is what we all can practice, Living healthy and having a healthy life is the aspiration of every one of us.


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease diagnosis expert in the US, has stated that 


“The world should consider it as lucky if we get to develop a vaccine which is 70-75 percent effective and has results on us”.


Providing vaccines to everyone is not a small task, or it is not going to be easy for everyone, we know it is challenging for every country to import vaccines, as some countries are facing an economic crisis and monetary problems, so they are not able to provide vaccines to every citizen of their country in an affordable price. There are many small towns, villages, rural areas, and underdeveloped countries that have a lot of problems in existence rather than the coronavirus pandemic.


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