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As the 12th largest country by population, chronic kidney disease/End-stage Renal Problem is one of the major causes of death among Filipinos. There are a large number of Filipino patients undergoing kidney transplants presently and more about 120 Filipinos per one million population every year. We all know kidneys are the most important part of the human function, it helps in urinating human waste and to excrete human body waste, and unhealthy fluid from the body. Researches over the years have shown that problems in the Kidney or any kind of disease related to the kidney always result in unhealthy and an unhappy life. You will not be able to live with Joy the way you want to live. 


Every one of us has responsibilities, many of us have family duties and responsibilities, to give the family happiness and a better life,  most of us have social responsibilities and duties, they have a duty to regulate and to control the social environment. As a part of society, we have to stay healthy and to live a long life, and we don’t want any kind of problem to come across your way of healthy and happy life along with your responsibilities and duties. 

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Chronic kidney disease or End-stage renal kidney disease leads to unable to excrete waste from the human body, and it makes your kidney to function properly. To cure and heal this problem patients are left with 2 options to solve the problem, either they have to go for a kidney transplant or they have to go for kidney dialysis. As per the results of kidney dialysis, it has shown benefits to many patients, but not to most of them. Not many patients have shown good results after kidney dialysis in Philippines. We have noticed that children after kidney dialysis do not grow well. Adults have to quit their duties and responsibilities in order to get proper kidney dialysis treatment, they will be forced to quit their roles as the leader of the family, or the team leader in office, they have to take a gap from their work and job, after all of this physical and financial dependency on others leads you to suffer from emotional pain and depression. To avoid all these problems and suffering from pain, we are left with another option that is, Kidney transplant in Philippines, getting kidney transplant services from professional and authorized medical support service centers such as ANBIS International, you get assured and guaranteed well kidney transplant in Philippines.

Kidneys are one of the most essential parts of the human body, but just having a kidney is not good enough. Kidneys should be in a working condition and executing its work properly. One should need a kidney transplant when he or she is facing issues in their healthy lives because of kidneys. After a period of time, the human body starts having some problems and diseases, but it is not good for your health. You need to have every function and part of your body working fine & Properly. You may need a kidney transplant in Philippines when you are having chronic kidney disease. Kidney transplant is preferable over kidney dialysis to make a patient’s life better and safer as compared to life after kidney dialysis.

 A kidney transplant procedure is done when we replace the patient’s bad, damaged, and unhealthy kidney with the kidney which is in good condition and is ready to function properly in the human body. The surgery takes place in order to remove that bad and unhealthy kidney from the body and to replace it with a healthy and better kidney. After the procedure it takes a few days to heal the part of the skin that is treated and also your new kidney takes time to set into your body structure and work according to your routine and needs. 

Since 1963, more than 250,000 kidney transplant has been performed to cure End-stage renal problem or Chronic kidney disease among Filipinos. At ANBIS International, we have every kind of medical facilities and test labs, we have a dedicated lab and team of professionals for identifying and testing the symptoms of chronic kidney disease. We also have kidney transplant donors and a kidney in good condition in advance to give the fastest treatment without wasting any time. Our mission is to cure and to remove problems caused by kidney diseases by providing the best of our kidney transplant services in Philippines in affordable charges so that everyone in the Philipines can afford the cost of kidney transplant in Philippines

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I could barely enjoy my life after having chronic kidney disease, when I found my way into ANBIS International, I had seen some real difference as compared to others, it was only in the ANBIS Int. that I had gotten real help with my issues.
Sophie Grant
ANBIS International has done kidney transplant surgery to cure chronic kidney disease, I was too worried about pursuing my sports career after the surgery, but ANBIS have done real work. I can't believe what an improvement.
James Stinger
the staffs at ANBIS International are wonderful. Now I can come back to all my favorite sports activities and drag my husband to whatever jogging marathons are available locally. Now I can enjoy every moment of my life.
Amy Winter

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