New nine cases of COVID-19 appeared in China

New nine cases of COVID-19 appeared in China

China reported new cases of coronavirus | COVID-19 Pandemic

Recently China has reported with nine new cases of coronavirus and all of the patients have been transferred to the medical facility, along with this other 27 patients who were earlier discovered with coronavirus was fully recovered over a certain period of time, reported the country’s health ministry of the department.

Now, in recent hours China has discovered 9 new cases of coronavirus, originated from Wuhan Province, China. Earlier china reported the number of cases in the country somewhere about 83k+, Still, there is no confirmation that the virus successfully ended from the country. The study shows that there are few cases arising from different areas of the country in a week.Despite China already announced itself as a pandemic free country, but there are still a few number cases very frequently.As per the current data provided by the country , it shows the confirmed cases of coronavirus stands up to 85,031, and the number of deaths from this virus is at 4,634.China also shows a good rate of recovery of coronavirus patients which is 80,153. 

 Also, China has reported that more than 240 coronavirus patients will remain in hospitals. 

 Those 9 cases of coronavirus are asymptomatic cases.As per researchers and scientists, the identification of asymptomatic cases will be more difficult as China has the largest populated country.So far more than 300 patients with the asymptomatic cases reported in the country.

Therefore we can say that as the world’s largest populated country china his not fully recovered out of this pandemic, it is still having cases in the country.

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